Historical Fiction or Historical Saga?

Book 1“…combines a very human and personal story with a very believable vision of Late Iron Age society in Northern Britain.”

Ocelot Press author Nancy Jardine’s Celtic Fervour Series, set in 1st-century Roman Britain, has also been called a historical saga by some reviewers. Across the 4-book series, you can read of the adventures of Brigante warriors from the Hillfort of Garrigill. The clan members sometimes take centre stage in one novel or become background characters in another and allow new clan members to shine. As the series progresses, Ancient Roman characters also take up prime slots.

The geographical locations are Brigantia, northern Roman Britain, (Current Yorkshire and Cumbria) and the barbarian lands of Caledonia (Scotland as far north as Aberdeenshire) in the Flavian era – during the invasion campaigns of Generals Cerialis and Agricola.

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Book 1 – The Beltane Choice

Book 2 – After Whorl: Bran Reborn

Book 3 – After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks

Book 4 – Agricola’s Bane

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