Welcome to New Ocelot, Liza Perrat!

We’re excited to announce that Liza Perrat has joined Ocelot Press.

Liza was born in Australia and has lived in a rural village in France for thirty years. She writes Women’s Historical Fiction, focusing on courageous women through time.

Liza is the author of three standalone novels in the French historical trilogy, The Bone Angel. She has also written three Australia-based novels: The Silent Kookaburra, The Swooping Magpie, and The Lost Blackbird.

She is working on a new French historical series (Sainte-Marie-du-Lac series). The first in the series, Lake of Echoes, is already published. The second, Lake of Widows, is in preparation.

You can find out more about Liza on her author page.

Welcome to Ocelot Press, Liza!  

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April A to Z!

This post is by Nancy Jardine

April is the Cruellest Month according to the poet T S Elliot, but it doesn’t need to be!

Approaching April is a time that reminds me of an event that I didn’t think I’d be engaging in ever again…since the last time I did an April A to Z Blogging Challenge in 2019!

When I did my first April Blog A to Z Challenge, a decade ago, I officially joined hundreds of other bloggers who had also signed up. The plan back then (2013) was to make each April blog post visible to the other participants, but also to the wider community. The ethos was very much read as many other blog posts as possible and share the URLs widely as much as you could. The idea was to post a blog item each day in April, bar most Sundays, the title of the first one beginning with A, and so on…covering the English alphabet. Many bloggers chose a particular theme to centre the posts around, though other writers posted random articles.

Since those first years, when the April A to Z Challenge was an activity that was an extremely active one in the Indie author world, I’ve challenged myself without signing up to anything formal. This year is yet again a personal challenge, mainly intended to resurrect my blog which has been withering for many, many months.

Most of my April Challenges to date have been Roman themed, a reflection of my Celtic Fervour Series research. However, since my current ‘Writing In Progress’ is set in the Victorian era, my theme is unsurprisingly Victorian Scotland – the location of my current work.

Short items should appear on my blog every single day beginning with an ‘A’ post on Saturday 1st April 2023 and ending with a ‘Z’ post on the 26th April. This should give me time at the end of the month to do a round-up of progress, and/or add any other research themes I’ve been tackling as I write.

If interested, look out for those posts on my BLOG

Enjoy April, and especially if you’re reading the excellent book selections offered by Ocelot Press.  

Best Regards,

Nancy Jardine

A New Historical Romance Forthcoming from Jennifer C. Wilson

We’re excited to announce a new border reiver historical romance from Jennifer C. Wilson. The Warriors’ Prize will be launched in June and is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.

Stirling Castle, 1498
Visiting court for the first time since her father’s death, Lady Avelina Gordon finds herself drawn to the handsome warrior, Sir Lachlan MacNair. But as a woman who has seen too many of her friends lose everything for ‘love’, she keeps her heart guarded.

Castle Berradane, 1502
Lady Avelina is unceremoniously told to expect her new husband within the month. The man in question: Sir Lachlan.

Lachlan arrives in Berradane carrying his own secret, and a determination to control his heart. As attraction builds between the couple, they find themselves under attack and fearful of a traitor in their midst.

Can the teamwork they’ve shown in adversity so far pull them through one final test, and will they find the strength to risk their hearts, as well as their lives?

You can pre-order the Kindle edition now, and it will download automatically onto your e-reader on publication day, 16th June. Nothing to pay until then!

And, if you haven’t already read Jennifer’s earlier border reiver romance, set in 1470s Northumberland, The Raided Heart, you’ll find that on Amazon, too, in Kindle and paperback editions.

Why I chose to write about a guy with Social Anxiety

Miriam Drori, Author

With the republication of my uplit novel, I’m reposting this article from 2019, which first appeared on donnasbookblog.

My childhood was marred by bullying. It was the urge to do something to stop the bullying that led me to catch social anxiety. I kept quiet as much as I could, because they couldn’t tease me for things I said if I didn’t say them, and this became a habit that I couldn’t discard when I wanted to.

Decades later, after discovering this thing that had “strangled” me for so long had a name, and that I was by no means alone with this problem, I joined an online forum for sufferers of social anxiety. Here, I learned a lot about the others, about what we shared as well as our differences. I realised that most of the others, like me, had mistakenly imagined themselves to be alone with it…

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What on Earth is UPLIT?

Miriam Drori, Author

With the republication of my uplit novel, I’m posting an updated version of this post from 2019.

The marriage of uplit and Cultivating a Fuji.

What is UPLIT and why might it interest me?

If you look upuplitin a dictionary, you’re likely to find that either it doesn’t exist or it’s the past of the verbuplight: to illuminate from below. But google it and you’ll finduplitorup litis a genre people are starting to talk about. And to read.

Possibly, there is a connection between those two meanings ofuplit. It’s about lighting the world from below, from the ordinary people, rather than having to endure spotlights from above.

Anuplitnovel is one of kindness, compassion and empathy. But it doesn’t sugar-coat the world; it’s “about facing devastation, cruelty, hardship and loneliness and then saying: ‘But there is still this,’” says…

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