Escape to the past with Cathie Dunn’s latest novel!

Let Cathie Dunn take you back to the dark days of the Scottish Wars of Independence in her new novel, A Highland Captive – a historical adventure romance set in the west of Scotland, and the second tale in Cathie’s Highland Chronicles series of standalone novels.

The year is 1298. The Scots have just lost at the Battle of Falkirk, their leaders are dispersed, and William Wallace has resigned his role as guardian and gone into hiding. The two newly-appointed guardians, Robert de Brus and John Comyn, are enemies, and King Edward I of England is breathing down their necks. Skirmishes between Scots and English are a regular occurrence.

Caught in the middle of this ruthless fight, Isobel, a young lady with loose family links to the last Scottish king, finds herself the focus of a keen suitor – from south of the border – who sends his henchmen to fetch her. In doing so, they destroy her keep. Cailean, a knight from an obscure island close to the Isle of Mull rescues her and takes her to his home, but is she content to be safe on the remote outcrop?

Find out in A Highland Captive – on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats!! Publication date is 3rd March, but you can pre-order it now.

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