Look at the History on Your Doorstep, Advocates Nancy Jardine


Ocelot Press author Nancy Jardine is a mine of information about the Romans in the north of England and Scotland, knowledge that she’s put to good use in her Celtic Fervour series: four novels, soon to become five. The series concentrates on a particular clan and its struggles to oust the Romans. Each book focuses on a specific character.

A former Roman camp that is virtually on her doorstep, and other sites in north-east Scotland, feature in this historical saga. Nancy is keen to make the history of the Romans in Scotland more accessible. She weaves fact and fiction together, using many real place names that people from the Aberdeen region will recognise. But you don’t have to live in Scotland to enjoy these stories.

Now, Nancy’s in the news with an interview in Scottish newspaper, The Press and Journal. A series of extracts from Nancy’s latest Celtic Fervour novel, Agricola’s Bane, will be published in subsequent editions.

Nancy P& J best effort cropped

You can find all of Nancy’s books on her Amazon author page.

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