Overture goes on tour

Ocelot author Vanessa Couchman’s latest historical novel, Overture, is going on a blog tour this week. Book bloggers provide a great service to both authors and readers and we are happy to support them at Ocelot Press.

Vanessa Couchman

My latest historical novel, Overture, set in Belle Epoque France, heads off on a seven-day blog tour today. I’m very grateful to these 21 fantastic book bloggers for featuring the book on their blogs and also to Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources for organising it all so efficiently. Some of the bloggers will also be featuring a review of Overture. Their support for authors is invaluable and helps readers to find new books.

I’ll tweet every day about the tour with a link to the participating blogs and also post on my Facebook page. I’m sure the bloggers will be delighted if you go to have a look at their blogs. They feature and review many books, so you might well find exciting new reads.

Also, I have allowed out of my sight my main character from Overture, Marie-Thérèse, so that she can take part…

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Marie-Thérèse’s France 2: Paris

The second in a series of posts about the settings in Vanessa Couchman’s recently-released historical novel, Overture. This time, c’est Paris!

Vanessa Couchman

View of Montmarte. My photo.

This is the second part of a series of posts looking at some
of the settings that Marie-Thérèse, my main character in Overture, would
have known. How do you cover Paris in one blog post? I’m not even going to try.
Instead, I’ll focus on a few of the places that are mentioned in the book.

Although I have invented some of the villages in Aveyron,
where the story partly takes place, I have used only real places in Paris. You
don’t mess with Parisian street names!

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Marie-Thérèse’s France 1: Rural Aveyron

Ocelot Press author Vanessa Couchman shares with us some of the lovely settings in Southwest France in her latest release, Overture, to be published on 28th May.

Vanessa Couchman

Today, I want to take you to some of the settings that
Marie-Thérèse, my main character in Overture,
would have known. In this first post, I’ll focus on Aveyron, which is one of
the most rural départements (counties)
of France. I live just over the border in an adjoining département, but I’m very attached to the landscapes and villages
of Aveyron, which is named after the river that flows through it.

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From Rural France to Paris: Les Bougnats

In a series of posts about the historical background to Overture, to be published on 28th May, Vanessa Couchman looks at the exodus from rural SW France to Paris in the late 19th century.

Vanessa Couchman

Les Monts du Cantal in France’s Massif Central. A region noted for its beauty, but not for agricultural prosperity

The odd-sounding combination of coal merchant and bistro
owner was quite common in Paris during the late 19th and early 20th
centuries. These establishments were usually the métier of immigrants from the Auvergne and northern Aveyron, where
the poor soil made farming a thankless task.

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A Special Day for Life on La Lune

Life on La Lune

Eglise Saint-Corneille in Puycelsi.. Stark on the outside…

A riot of colour inside

Puycelsi – hilltop fortress town

Today is a rather special day for us. More of that below. It’s been a rather eventful couple of weeks, which explains my erratic blogging record just now. Having taken part in a concert in the hilltop village of Puycelsi in aid of restoring the church, the following day saw the semi-destruction by fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

A couple of days later our cat, Bella, went missing and didn’t return for 72 hours, when we were starting to give up hope. It’s almost impossible to settle to anything when that happens. Fortunately, she was unscathed, if starving, and has hopefully learned a lesson. In addition, I’ve been getting my latest novel ready for publication and attempting to stop the garden turning into a jungle.

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