Vanessa Couchman

Historical fiction with a French flavour

Vanessa Couchman is a writer of historical fiction, short story author and freelance writer and has lived in southwest France since 1997. She is fascinated by Corsican and French history and culture. Vanessa has published three novels: The House at Zaronza and The Corsican Widow, in the Tales of Corsica series; and Overture, Book 1 in a trilogy set in France and spanning the period 1897 to 1945. A prequel to the trilogy, Augustine, is also published by Ocelot Press.

She plans further Corsica novels as well as historical novels based in France. Her short stories have won and been placed in creative writing competitions and published in anthologies. Vanessa’s own anthology of short stories inspired by and set in France, French Collection, is published by Ocelot Press.

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